A New Blog is Born

It is 12:12pm 12/12/12 and a new blog is born! It has been a long time since I started toying with the idea of maintaining my own blog. I have thought about what I would write, how I want it to look, who might be reading it, but never did I put any of those planning into practice.

Time flew pass like a silent sparrow. Soon I found myself still toying with ideas many years later. Confronted with the realization that my good friend, ImperialX, have been actively blogging for more than four years already, I decide it is time for me to stop day dreaming and do something real.

Hence on this very unique day and time, I carve out this virtual space for all’s reading pleasure. Here will be a place where I contemplate over the nature of things, hypothesize on the relationship between subjects and journal any other streams of consciousness which might strike me.

I thank you for taking the time to read this blog equivalent of a new born. I’ll be sure to look after her well, provide her with lots of love and attention, and hopefully, you’ll be able to read my next post by next week.

So ladies and gentlemen, again I thank you for visiting my new blog. Be sure to check back again soon!


5 thoughts on “A New Blog is Born

  1. There are two types of blogging. One type is personal blogging, which is blogging about your own life or whatever the heck you want. The other one is being a professional blogger, writing editorials for the sake of other people to read. I have been the latter for four years, but if we’re talking about personal blogging, I’ve only been doing that for a year or so, and not really actively. (Personal blog:

    Speaking of which, this sure is a pretty nice way (and time) to start your new blog. You haven’t really mentioned whether you’ll be blogging for yourself, or for others yet. As you know, I do both and keep the two blogs separate from each other. Regardless of what you write, I will be following and reading with great interest.

    Blogging is a pretty big commitment though, so I hope you stick through with it. Many people before you have tried and failed. In fact, I have yet seen more than one real life friend who succeeded. I do wish you become the second, and I support you.

    • In other words, keep the topics separate. Nobody would want me to post about rugby in my anime WP, and vice versa.

      Question though, how do you define success? Enjoy blogging? Have great traffic? Being referenced a lot? Headline on BBC?

      • The way I understand it, to succeed at blogging is not so much about point which I aim to hit, but rather the act of blogging itself. To succeed at blogging for me would be to get into the habit of writing and updating the blog. Kind of like succeed at waking up early every morning, or eat healthily.

        Of course, then there is the thing about being a successful blogger in the sight of others. That would of course involve gaining great traffic, being referenced, being influential and of course earning decent amount of money. Headlining BBC doesn’t sound like a bad idea either.

    • Haha, thanks for the advice and support! I imagine I’ll be need quite a bit of those if I am to keep this up. I’ll be sure to make your reading experience more or less enjoyable.

      Though I do wonder, how did you manage when you first started out blogging?

      • I didn’t expect much traffic when I just started blogging. After all, I just left another comment with the reasons for why I blog. It just so happened that my blog became a bit more popular than I had planned it to be.

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