The First Step…

Screen Capture from video game, Journey

The first step is often the hardest, and this time it’s no different. If this venture is to be worth while, the first thing I will need is a plan. The following post aims to establish a foundation for future posts of this blog. Hopefully by the end of this post, I will be well prepared for the start of this very unique and exciting journey.

The first roadblock that demands attention is writer anxiety. Unlike an essay written to be marked, or a journal entry written for ones future self; A blog is written for the whole world to see. It is true I could always set the blog to private, but keeping an online journal is not what I want. Daunting it may seem, what makes blogging truly exciting and at all meaningful is precisely you, the readers. And for the readers, I’m going to push ahead and just write. Hopefully in time, I’ll get use to other people reading my work. In the mean time, please do excuse me if I get a nervous break down half way through a post. (Hopefully I’ll be sane again before pressing “Publish”)

Now, I want to talk about the goals for this blog. Here at Reverie the focus will be on discussion regarding the three most popular mediums of entertainment, books, films and television, and video games. I hope to create a place where people could gather to share their views, discuss their opinions and potentially make friends as well as pick up on new mediums of entertainment they never thought they would enjoy.

I will attempt to make posts fortnightly, if not weekly. There are already a few topics I have planned, so do look forward to them. On a side note, I would appreciate any feedbacks on my writings, or topic ideas you think could be interesting. Simply leave a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

I hope what I have inked here would be sufficient as a framework for me to work within. And so with that, I thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. Please leave a comment below if you have any suggestions or questions, and be sure to check back soon!

Coming up next: Games and the Nature of Play.


3 thoughts on “The First Step…

  1. I see writing as primarily a form of self-expression and also, a way of ultimately coming to understand the writer himself. For many people, having an idea stuck in the back of your head and leaving it unexpressed without any outlet whatsoever is one heck of a nagging feeling. A blog can serve as an outlet, a blank canvas to you to spill your word soup, and countless thoughts waiting to spill all over the place.

    So much of our life experiences is unapplied and seemingly unimportant that we simply forget it over time. The same goes for anime, books, films & television and video games. Without a blog, not only are these feelings and experiences not expanded upon, they’re quickly forgotten. I feel that it’s a huge shame for that to happen. A blog not only captures these things you learn and experience, but it helps the writer into coming to understand both the subject and himself even better.

    • I absolutely agree with you about writing as a form of self-expression and a way to understand oneself, and this very post is the demonstration of that. I initially started writing this post as a way to force myself to put into words what I wish to achieve with this blog, what I want it to become. After much writing and rewriting, I am quite clear now on where I wish to take things.

      Though I do feel blogging should do a bit more than simply expressing oneself. Because That kind of thing can be as easily done with private writings, such as in a personal journal. Blogging to me seem to be a lot more about interaction between people than the writer himself. I think what is written should mainly serve as a starting point for possible discussion. This is especially true when blogger such as myself don’t have so much as expert knowledge to offer. Instead all there is are personal observations and opinions.

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