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The first look at Hunger Games: Catching Fire

307432_339565556145712_1691850758_nGreetings good citizens of Panem. The Capitol proudly announces the victors of the 74th annual Hunger Games, Katniss Everdeen & Peeta Mellark, as they embark on this year’s Victory Tour!

With these words begins the promotion of the upcoming film; The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. After many teasers in the recent months, this is the first official photos posted.

This is the second film in the series based on Suzanne Collins best selling novel: The Hunger Games trilogy. Like most film adoptation of books, the film has been criticized for a variety of reasons. However, despite the many complaints the first film has generally be received quite positively.

With all the anticipation from fans of the books and the first film, Director Francis Lawrence is looking to up the ante with this second installment and take the series to the next level.

The film is currently slated for a November 22 release.

857193_625018527514802_1911264659_o Hunger-Games-Victory-Tour-poster-550x814


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