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A Lover’s Dream


A Lover’s Dream

By SyniaN

Two days we’ve been kept apart.
And already I have lost –
The will and strength to go on living,
The means to pay the cost.

My heart longs for your embrace,
To lie with you alone.
My body needs your healer’s touch,
To save the aching bones.

After much work and waking,
Finally we are here.
On this fine and calming night,
Just me and you, my dear.

Not a single word exchanged, out-
Goes the electric flame.
As the darkness takes hold,
Begins our nightly game.

Through gaps in the curtained glass,
Shine in trickles of light.
A tree’s simmering shadow chasse,
Dancing black on white.

Clothing shed, Covers spread;
Stripes of cherry red,
Embellishes the soft cushion,
For my throbbing head.

So come to me now,
and let me feel your linen thread.
For ’tis the truth when I vow;
I can’t go a minute more without you – My bed.

Inspirations can come from the strangest places at the worst time. I wrote this poem after I have stayed up for nearly 40 hours straight. Head throbbing, body aching, but I knew I had to write it down, or else the idea simply wouldn’t be there the next morning. Once it was written, I was finally able to enjoy a good 10 hour of much overdued rest with my beloved bed.


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