Thoughts & Writing

It was a Dark and Stormy Night


	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	 	   April 1. 
Wind howled.
	Raindrop drummed on the roof.
Pitch blackness pressed 
	against the faux stained glass window.

Across the coffee table, 
	on an uncomfortably short sofa.
My partner laid - out cold with fatigue 
	like the Versailles rail track of 1842.

Exit signs glowed
	with a ghostly green.
Air conditioners hummed, 

All is calm. For now.
	I Couldn’t sleep.
Exhaustion weighed on my eyelids
	like milestone on a tempter’s neck.
But I couldn’t sleep.
Not with them about.

Some thought they were angels.
Spirits from heaven bringing pure joy and laughter.
	They did - for strangers.
But once you get to know things, you learn.
	I learnt.

Hours earlier.
“One of them asked if you are sleeping tonight”
The third time one of them asked.
Something smelt fishy,
	like Tsukiji on a mid summer day.
The whiteboard markers were gone.

3:16am. lassies finally went quiet, but not without a fight.
	Their plotting. Postponed.
		Markers. Unrecovered.
Hit the sofa immediately after.
All the screaming and begging and pleading
left a bad taste in my mouth I don’t care to savor.

Sudden shuffling broke the calm.
Footsteps tumbled down the stair like rolling stones.
	Three shadows dashed
		across the lounge.
Exhaustion weighed on my eyelids.
But I couldn’t sleep.

“Not now, not yet” I thought
It was too early.

Flipping out the sofa, chased the shadows back upstairs.
	to where the lads are staying.
Thick fume of sweat, wool and deodorant
	hit me in the face,
like a maul wielding stone giant from the myths.

“Get back to sleep” I hushed
		“Before you wake other people.”
A few steps down, a mile away, my partner dreamt 
		comfortably with a warm sleeping bag
		on a sofa. soft, soft sofa.

“But it’s too hot”, 
	“People were snoring”
		“He kept on playing with flash light”
			“Someone farted”
				“Can we play a game?”

A dozen small figures stood up,
	Advancing towards me like a pack of wolves.
Their eyes gleaming with expectations.

The wind continued to roar while raindrop danced on the roof.
“Besides, everyone’s awake already.”

“Not now, not yet” I thought
But It was too late.

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