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I Hate your Guts – A Poem


I Hate your Guts

By SyniaN

I hate it when you ask me questions
I don’t understand,
and when I’ve given you everything
yet you still demand.

I hate how when you finally leave
after a night too long,
you’d always be back the next day
to tell me all my wrongs.

You’ve tricked me with your false pretense,
ploy, deceit and ruse,
You’ve exhausted me with heavy burdens,
that once promised truth.

There might be a particular night
Of productivity.
But then you’d poof to somewhere else
and forget about me.

Since our very first encounter,
I tried hard to please.
But today you’ve drawn the final straw,
So Homework — I Hate You.
Just go away.
And leave me be.


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