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A Chance Encounter – A Screenplay



          We hear the sound of telephone being dialed. The long beeps
          of a dial tone. Then the line goes dead.

          Quiet chatters, shuffling and the sound of an automatic door
          sliding open.

                                                              FADE IN:

1         INT. WAITING ROOM - DAY                                    1

          Someone steps into the waiting room.

          We see that it is a GIRL in her early twenties. She stands
          near the door way, and looks around the room.

          The room is not big, a large reception desk stood in the
          middle. The walls are aligned with chairs. A large panel of
          glass separates the room from the corridor.

          The GIRL sits down at an empty chair.

2         EXT. PARK - DAY                                            2

          Empty park.

          Person sitting on bench.

          Hands shoves person.

          Two people argue.

          YOUNG MAN stands sideways, staring angrily into the camera
          before turning and walking away.

3         INT. WAITING ROOM - DAY                                    3

          The GIRL opens her eyes, as if recovering from a mild

          She is holding a few sheets of paper. Her fingers fidgets
          with the corners of the pages.

          Her face is expressionless. Slight shadows under her eyes
          shows that she has not been sleeping well.

          Then, raising her eyes, she glances to her left, out the
          large window.

4         INT. CORRIDOR - DAY                                         4

          A WOMAN is pushing a baby trolley.

          A LITTLE BOY around 5 years old skips after her, one hand
          gliding along the walls.

          When he arrives outside the waiting room, the LITTLE BOY
          seems to see something on the glass window. His eyes widens,
          and gasps in surprise.

5         INT. WAITING ROOM - DAY                                     5

          The GIRL looks curiously at this strange LITTLE BOY. Her
          head tilts slightly, wondering what the LITTLE BOY is doing.

6         INT. CORRIDOR - DAY                                         6

          The LITTLE BOY carefully examines the perfectly translucent

          Raising his hand, the LITTLE BOY taps the glass and the
          glass glows for a moment, vibrates slightly, and ripples
          like a pool of water.

          The LITTLE BOY seems pleased. Gently he holds up both palms
          and presses them against the surface. More ripples.

          Then as he pulls his palms apart, an array of colors and
          images bursts onto the glass. The sound of chirping birds,
          soothing melodies and a thousand voices instantly fills the

          The LITTLE BOY moves his hands quickly over the glass,
          "conducting" the flying colors, clearly having done this
          before. Things are popping in and out of existence with the
          simple swipes of his hands.

7         INT. WAITING ROOM - DAY                                     7

          The LITTLE BOY seems to be talking to himself as well, as he
          taps and brushes in midair, at the empty glass wall.

          His feet dances left and right, occasionally having to tip
          toe as if to reach some invisible button.

          The GIRL's expression seems softer than before. Her hands
          has stopped fidgeting.

          The LITTLE BOY stops for a moment and stares intently into
          nothingness. With all the seriousness a child his age could
          master, he pouts his lips, crosses one hand before his chest
          and strokes his chin with the other.

          Seeing this comedic scene, the GIRL quietly chuckles to
          herself. Her expression still seems a little tight.

          Then her phone rings.

          Her head turns sharply to look at the phone. The smile on
          her face disappears as she furrows her brows and presses her
          lips together.

          We see her press the "END CALL" button.

8         INT. CORRIDOR - DAY                                         8

          After much contemplation, the LITTLE BOY raises his arms
          again... Suddenly, he catches sight of the GIRL just as the
          GIRL is turning her attention back to him.

          The LITTLE BOY freezes, he stares at the GIRL, surprised.

9         INT. WAITING ROOM - DAY                                      9

          The GIRL looks a little uncomfortable too. She glances
          around guiltily, as if caught amidst some mischief.

          The two simply looks at one another; their eyes met and
          their gazes held.

          The LITTLE BOY's eyes are round and bright like newly cut
          topaz. He tilts his head slightly and blinks innocently.

          The GIRL, on the other hand, seems embarrassed. She feels
          like she should do something, but doesn't know what.

10        INT. CORRIDOR - DAY                                        10

          The LITTLE BOY continues to look at the GIRL. He suddenly
          became very self aware and very shy. There are traces of
          fear in his eyes. His small fingers curls as he lowers his
          arms. The various colors and shapes on the glass gradually
          fades and the corridor goes silent.

11        INT. WAITING ROOM - DAY                                    11

          All the people that was in the corridor and the waiting room
          are now nowhere to be seen. There is only the LITTLE BOY and
          the GIRL. A long shot frames both of them together with the
          layer of glass separating them.

12        INT. LIVING ROOM - NIGHT                                   12

          Used tissue on the floor.

          The GIRL is sitting on a sofa. The YOUNG MAN holds her in
          his arms.

          As she looks up at him with her reddened eyes, her face was
          void of all emotions.

          The YOUNG MAN looks concerned. He shook his head lightly at
          the girl.

 13       INT. WAITING ROOM - DAY                                    13          

          Tear dampens her eyes. The GIRL's expression suddenly breaks
          into a smile.

          Seeing this, the LITTLE BOY grins happily, proudly, showing
          off his perfect white teeth, as if he has achieved something

                              RECEPTIONIST (O.S.)

          The GIRL turns and look up at the RECEPTIONIST standing
          besides her.

                    Ms Erin Brooke?

          The RECEPTIONIST asks the GIRL again.

          The GIRL looks down, then back at the LITTLE BOY who is
          still grinning. She smiles to herself, shakes her head, and
          lets out a sigh of relief before looking up at the
          RECEPTIONIST and shook her head.

 14       INT. CORRIDOR - DAY                                        14

          The glass door slides open and the GIRL comes out into the
          corridor. Turning around, she sees that the WOMAN with the
          baby trolley has returned. The WOMAN clearly seems relieved
          and angry. She picks up the LITTLE BOY, kisses him on the
          forehead all while continuing to lecture him.

          The LITTLE BOY doesn't seem bothered at all. He hugs his
          mother while still smiling at the GIRL.

          The GIRL's phone rings. She picks up.

                              YOUNG MAN (O.S)
                         (Worried, begging)

                    I didn't.

          The GIRL walks out of the frame, one hand touching her

          The camera focuses on the signs outside the waiting room;

          "Women's Choice Health Clinic."

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